2009 Letter from the President

15 years ago a group of friends gathered for Christmas and decided to “share the joy” of the holiday season with those children, those families who might be struggling with hard times.  So they put together an idea and, that following Christmas, JOY to the Children was born.  That endeavor started with 36 children and has served close to 2300 children and their families in the past 14 years.  We currently have 155 children for Christmas 2009 with that number most likely increasing by 10 or 15 by the time Christmas is here because of economically difficult times.

JOY to the Children is a very special organization because, although toys are important to children, JOY goes beyond toys by providing necessities that many of these families struggle to acquire. Joy provides clothing, bedding, school supplies, books, dinner, and of course toys to each child. None of this would be possible without the generous support of our community and of people like you.  Monetary donations, donated toys and necessities and the gift of time and effort the volunteers provide make this day possible.

I have had the privilege of working with our selected families this year and can tell you first hand that the children and families coming through our doors will be thrilled to be there.  Our families are selected through various organizations including, Micah’s Place, The Elementary Schools of Nassau County, Big brothers, Big Sisters and other organizations. They are cross referenced to ensure that our assistance is going to benefit as many families as possible. All the families we serve are local to Nassau County.

We are a complete volunteer organization and no one is paid for the time spent throughout the year and on Christmas Day. The day is  for all of us to share the spirit of the holiday and to experience the joy of giving.

Kathleen Kuhn

President, Joy to the Children