2012 Letter from the President

This year marks my 10th year to be a part of JOY. I have served in several capacities, from a volunteer, a donor of Bibles, a chairperson, a board member, and now the president of the board. I have received overwhelming joy in every endeavor.

This year we have 148 children and their families coming to the Yulee high school Christmas Day. They will have a complete meal of turkey and all the side dishes, not to mention superman ice cream and cookies for dessert.

Over three hundred volunteers giving of their time and resources will shower the children with clothing, toys, back packs stuffed with school supplies, age appropriate books, handmade stockings each made with love by the Amelia Island Quilt Guild, and filled with candy and little trinkets. They will also receive hygiene items and a complete set of bedding including their own pillow. Each family is offered a Bible, and now each youth will have a chance to have an age appropriate Bible.

This past spring we also gave three $1500.00 scholarships to deserving seniors from Nassau County, renewable for a second year if they maintain their grades. Two from the year before were renewed.

We are very proud of our community and their generosity. We are a total volunteer organization and funded by our community, either in cash or like kind donations. None of what we do for our families could be done without our donors and volunteers. They are the HEART of our celebration. If you have never been a part of the Joy family and would like to there is still time for this year’s celebration. You can go to our web site and sign up and/or donate.

The story that follows is written by a long time volunteer Mark Combs. Last year I introduced him to a young lady who was a recipient of our celebration, and now is a volunteer. This story shows us how life changing and far reaching all of our efforts are. This is truly full circle. You the donors and volunteers are the HEART of our celebration.

May God bless you all, Robbie Curtis President of Joy To The Children, Inc.