Bedding Committee Head

Must have:
            ⁃           Experience in comparing prices, finding the best value and deal, making purchases 
            ⁃           Great organizational and communication skills
            ⁃           Attention to detail
            ⁃           A genuine desire to help those in need 

Job entails:
            ⁃           Overseeing the purchase of bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow) for each child invited to the Joy Christmas Day                                   party 
            ⁃           Offer suggestions of unique avenues to purchase quality bedding at reasonable prices
            ⁃           Receive bedding orders in a timely manner prior to Christmas Day party
            ⁃           Assist in the organization and disbursement of purchased bedding so items are assigned to the proper child

Must be able to:
            ⁃           Report regularly to Joy President the success or issues related to purchases
            ⁃           Attend Christmas Day event from about 10 AM until 3 PM