Kitchen & Food Committee Head

Must have:
            ⁃           Experience in catering or other similar food service
            ⁃           Leadership abilities 
            ⁃           Great organizational, communication, and delegation skills
            ⁃           Attention to detail
            ⁃           A genuine desire to help those in need 

Job entails:
            ⁃           Planning meal quantities for a Christmas Day buffet for up to 500 people
            ⁃           Overseeing acquisition of donated food item boxes that will be sent home with families after Christmas Day party
            ⁃           Coordinating with local restaurants for the donation of buffet food items to be served at Christmas Day party
            ⁃           Coordinate and oversee the pick up and delivery of food items to party venue by volunteers 
            ⁃           Properly store donated foods in venue kitchen
            ⁃           Oversee and delegate food prep activities, setting up and serving of buffet items with volunteers on Christmas morning
            ⁃           Ensure food is handled properly and venue kitchen is tended to and cleaned up after buffet is finished
            ⁃           Coordinate the process of each family member going home with a box of staple food items

Must be able to attend:
            ⁃           6-8 board meetings a year
            ⁃           Christmas Day event from about 8 AM until 3 PM
            ⁃           Other Joy events as available