Silent Auction Donation Solicitors (Temporary)

Must have:
            ⁃           Experience in expressing the needs of a charity and requesting assistance in meeting those needs
            ⁃           Ease in requesting donations and making suggestions for types of donations 
            ⁃           Great communication skills
            ⁃           Attention to detail
            ⁃           A genuine desire to help those in need 

Job entails the following in the months of April, May & June:
            ⁃           Going to local businesses to request donations for Joy’s Christmas in July
            ⁃           Sending emails and making phone calls to request donations for Joy’s Christmas in July
            ⁃           Follow up with contacted businesses and persons in a timely manner
            ⁃           Coordinating the pick up or drop off of donated items
            ⁃           Communicating with Joy Board Member to report progress and issues 

Must be able to:
            ⁃           Report regularly to Joy Board Member the success or issues related to procuring donations
            ⁃           Pick up and drop off donations