• Our Mission

Bringing Joy and Magic to Economically Disadvantaged Children:
Spreading Love, Hope, and Holiday Cheer

Joy To The Children is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a deep commitment to bringing joy and support to children from economically disadvantaged families in Nassau County, Florida. Our primary purpose is to host a spectacular celebration on Christmas Day, ensuring that every child experiences the magic and warmth of the holiday season. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of these children and their families.

Christmas is a time of joy, love, and togetherness, but unfortunately, many children in our community face economic hardships that make it difficult for them to fully embrace the spirit of the season. Our goal is to change that narrative and provide these children with an unforgettable Christmas experience. On this special day, we transform a space into a winter wonderland, where children can escape from the challenges they face and be immersed in a world of happiness and celebration.

At our Christmas Day celebration, each child is greeted with open arms and a multitude of gifts. They receive new clothing, toys, bedding, backpacks, school supplies, books, hygiene products, and a hot meal with entertainment. These gifts are carefully selected and tailored to each child’s age, gender, interests, and needs. By providing these essential items, we aim to alleviate some of the financial burdens faced by their families and ensure that the children have the necessary resources for a brighter future.

While our primary focus is the annual Christmas Day celebration, Joy to the Children has also taken on additional endeavors to assist children in need. We believe that every child deserves love, care, and opportunities to thrive, not just during the holiday season but throughout the year. We have collaborated with other organizations and community partners to provide support and resources for children facing challenging circumstances, including access to educational programs.

Through the collective efforts of our dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and compassionate community members, Joy To The Children continues to make a significant impact in the lives of economically disadvantaged children. We rely on the support of individuals, businesses, and organizations to help us fulfill our mission and bring joy to those who need it most. Together, we can create a brighter future for these children, fostering a sense of hope, empowerment, and resilience.

Join us in spreading joy and making a difference. Whether through volunteering, making a donation, or becoming an advocate for our cause, your support will help us bring smiles, laughter, and hope to the children in Nassau County. Together, we can create magical memories, instill a sense of belonging, and inspire these children to dream big and believe in a brighter future.