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Spread Joy, Make a Difference: Volunteer With Us!

Join our team of dedicated volunteers and be a part of spreading joy and making a difference in the lives of economically disadvantaged children and their families.

As a volunteer with Joy To The Children, you have the opportunity to create magical memories during our Christmas Day celebration, assist with fundraising events, acquire donations, help with shopping for clothes and toys, transport gifts, participate in wrapping parties, decorate for the event, and more.

Your time and efforts contribute to creating a meaningful and unforgettable experience for these deserving children.

Embrace the spirit of giving and be a catalyst for joy this Christmas season by becoming a valued member of our volunteer community.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Some guidelines for signing up:

  • Click on the Volunteer Opportunity below that you are interested in to see more information.

  • If you want to commit to that Volunteer Opportunity complete the form.

  • Be sure you do not sign up for multiple opportunities within the same date and time slots.

  • Do not sign up a as a couple for ONE Volunteer Opportunity.

  • One Volunteer Opportunity per person/ one person per form.

  • Duplicate submissions may become deleted.

  • Do not sign someone else up using your name.

  • If you sign up for Family Angel and speak Spanish please let us know via email to: Info@JoyToTheChildren.org

Volunteer Opportunities

Sorry, there are no one-time volunteer opportunities available right now.